Your wedding dress or wedding gown is the most important aspect of your marriage. By far the most important element for any bride is to feel beautiful at her wedding. For every bride there is a perfect wedding dress to be discovered in our online collection wedding dresses whether you are searching for a lace wedding dress, a vintage wedding dress, beach wedding dress, short wedding gowns, wedding dresses with sleeves or plus size wedding dresses? You can find all these bridal wedding dresses in the wedding dress collection of Ladybird. We invite you to take a look at our dresses and book an appointment with a store in your area. Each wedding dress of Ladybird is always surprisingly original, unique and distinctive. A Ladybird wedding gown offers the best fit with the highest quality fabrics which flatter a woman’s figure! Designer wedding dresses embraced by classic fashion-forward brides.

‘A ladybug brings good luck to a person on whom it lands.’

Most cultures throughout the world believe that ladybugs are lucky, associating them with fair weather, financial luck, granting of wishes or luck in love. Some believe that if a ladybug lands on an object, a new and better version of that object is forthcoming shortly. Ladybird wedding dresses incorporate luck and love within their wedding dress collection to give that extra little bit of love to every newlywed couple. That is why Ladybird has chosen a Ladybird as a symbol to turn each dress into a little good luck charm. This way Ladybird wants to wish the newlyweds a lot of happiness and good fortune on their wedding day and in their marriage. Ladybird is committed to excellence and to make this day, your wedding day, truly unforgettable.


Ladybird is a family-business which started in 1970 under the brand name Sarlini. The founder, Mr. Van den Brink Senior, was trading agent for many foreign companies, such as Peter Vest and Colombine. In the 1980’s Sarlini started importing original, self-designed wedding dresses. Sarlini also imported design wedding dresses from Cupid exclusively for Europe. 1990 was the year the company also started producing privately designed wedding dresses. At this time the name was changed from Sarlini into Ladybird.

The total wedding gown collection is now fully designed and manufactured by Ladybird and Ladybird has become a well-respected name in bridal fashion for its excellent quality, fine fabrics and best fit in the industry.

In the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Great Britain, Ireland, Scandinavia, Germany, Austria, Swiss, France and Poland you can find the collection at the authorized Ladybird dealers. The bridal shops and bridal boutiques are carefully selected by Ladybird. Bridal shops where you can expect top-quality service in a relaxed, elegant setting. In addition to wedding dresses and wedding gowns, they also have an extensive range of beautiful bridal accessories such as veils, tiaras, bridal jewelery and wedding shoes. Ladybird bridal shops for brides seeking tasteful options and exceptional service.

Besides the brand Ladybird, the company also offers the
brand Emma Charlotte.

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